Beat Em Up, Bernie! Brawler Mechanics

I’ve managed to finish a draft of the first map and retool the game for brawling.

Muscular Joe Biden will eventually be replaced by Establishment Superdelegates for the first level, and his sprite will be repurposed as Wall Street Stooges for the second level.

Music is “Robot Loop” by Disyman, purchased from I plan to use it for the Wall Street level, at least.

Next up: give Warren’s playground fight a short cut scene, and finish the brawler rules, so you can’t just run past the goons.

Beat Em Up, Bernie!

Today I take the first steps towards converting the game to a brawler.

With the primary season likely drawing to a close soon, and the game about 60% complete, it makes sense to switch from a fighting game about the primaries to a brawler starring the eventual nominee.

So the game will *probably* be… Beat Em Up, Bernie!

Underrated Gems: Kirby’s Dream Course – Friends on Mountains #3

Trace and Matt pick their top 3 Cid theme songs, then talk about one of their all time favorite underrated games, Kirby’s Dream Course.

FF3 Cid’s honorary theme, Zephyr Memories:

FF4 Cid’s theme:

FF6 Cid’s honorary theme, Magitek Factory:

FF7 Cid’s theme:

And again:

And another:

FF8 Cid’s honorary theme, Balamb Garden:

FF9 Cid’s theme:

FF10 happened I guess.

FF Tactics Cid’s theme:

FFTA Judge Cid’s theme, the 8 second Judge:

FFTA2 Cid’s theme:

FF14 Cid’s theme:

FF15 Cid’s theme, Hammerhead:

Judge for yourself!