Gallery – 100 Days of Art Practice Days 1-10

Day 1: Just trying out some styles (Tom Gauld, Zach Weinersmith, Stanley von Medvey) to see how well they fit with my own style.

Day 2: More style exploration. The first picture is Spaceman Spiff with a bit of Aaron Burr.

The second picture is just… weird. I started off by free-handing someone’s space station drawing, then decided it was a hat, then went to photoshop and traced it, then ended up with this:

Day 3: Bunch of ink drawings from reference pictures. The face I tried drawing upside down.

Day 4: More ink drawings from reference pictures. Three of them are from the series “Usagi Drop”. I’m going to try to water color the last one.

Day 5: Sure enough, I did the watercolor. The other stuff is freehand doodling.

Day 6: These ones were my own ideas. First one is my first self portrait. I used references for the pie and the pool float.

Day 7: Might as well start a comic!

Day 8: Bit more comic practice. These are all from Earthbound.

Day 9: Doodles

Day 10: More Doodles.

And that’s the first ten days!