Gallery – 100 Days of Art Practice Days 11-20

Day 11: Finished my first sketchbook! Then started a new one and practiced some Ernest and Celestine style.

Day 12: Watercolor of one of the Ernest and Celestine drawings. It’s easy to mess up an ink drawing with sloppy watercoloring! Then a freehand drawing of Big Ben, our giant old stuffed bear. This was my first real freehand. I liked it.

Also, one ink practice of the game Hollow Knight, and one of my old games, Roshambo.

Day 13: A lot of time spent working on the first page of the Earthbound comic, doing practice drawings of town, doodads and characters, and doing some photoshop layout.

Oh! And I finished the page!

Day 14: Can’t remember what I did. All I have is this bizarre remnant:

Day 15: Avatar practice drawings. I really like the earth bender, though since Jin pointed out that his arms and legs are shrimpy relative to his head, I want to draw a much taller Sokka standing behind him, arms crossed, unimpressed.

Day 16: Hands from a reference. Everyone was right. Hands are so hard. But I had so much fun drawing this.

Day 17: Without setting out to do it, I drew something controversial. Also, Jeremy Clarkson.

Day 18: First tests of the grey pen. Gosh, she looks scary. The perspective drawing is nice though.

Day 19: Discovered Chris Chatterton, whose style I think I would like to copy.

Day 20: I experimented with quickly adding art assets to games, from a hotel room with no tablet or scanner. This was also a good test of Honey. I got the following proof of concept off the ground with about forty minutes of art, ten minutes of photoshop, and twenty minutes of programming.

The background is, and the lovely music is from my friend WhiteShip, a part of the failed game that led to Honey and something I really hope to use in future games.