Gallery – 100 Days of Art Practice Days 91-100

And finally, the end! After 112 days (5/28 to 9/17), I’ve done 100 days of art practice.

It was a very good exercise, and I’m going to keep going (a bit slower) to 200.

A few sketches first.

I got to be my wife’s apprentice for a proper canvas painting! We did this for our new house, based off one of my favorite Kazu Kibuishi drawings.


Old Babushka.

My own first attempt at canvas. First a sketch, then a painting.

A tree from our friend Amy’s pottery making birthday party.

And my final practice picture. I like this one a lot.

But wait, there’s more! A few days after day 100, I was the apprentice for my wife again, for another large canvas, and this time I did a lot more. So this is kind of my final submission.