Beat Em Up, Bernie! Brawler Mechanics

I’ve managed to finish a draft of the first map and retool the game for brawling.

Muscular Joe Biden will eventually be replaced by Establishment Superdelegates for the first level, and his sprite will be repurposed as Wall Street Stooges for the second level.

Music is “Robot Loop” by Disyman, purchased from I plan to use it for the Wall Street level, at least.

Next up: give Warren’s playground fight a short cut scene, and finish the brawler rules, so you can’t just run past the goons.

Beat Em Up, Bernie!

Today I take the first steps towards converting the game to a brawler.

With the primary season likely drawing to a close soon, and the game about 60% complete, it makes sense to switch from a fighting game about the primaries to a brawler starring the eventual nominee.

So the game will *probably* be… Beat Em Up, Bernie!

Progress – Election Fighter

Sketch and early animation for Elizabeth Warren character in our Election Fighting game.

We’re doing this as a practice game to learn basic stuff like how to file an LLC and how to submit to Steam and iOS.

It’s also a good art challenge.

Warren’s character model is Kim from The Venture Bros, and her animation model is Momoko from King of Fighters.

Gallery – 100 Days of Art Practice Days 91-100

And finally, the end! After 112 days (5/28 to 9/17), I’ve done 100 days of art practice.

It was a very good exercise, and I’m going to keep going (a bit slower) to 200.

A few sketches first.

I got to be my wife’s apprentice for a proper canvas painting! We did this for our new house, based off one of my favorite Kazu Kibuishi drawings.


Old Babushka.

My own first attempt at canvas. First a sketch, then a painting.

A tree from our friend Amy’s pottery making birthday party.

And my final practice picture. I like this one a lot.

But wait, there’s more! A few days after day 100, I was the apprentice for my wife again, for another large canvas, and this time I did a lot more. So this is kind of my final submission.

Progress Video – Some Kind of Poetry Game?

Here’s a quick progress video for an idea I’m chasing down.

It’s the core mechanic for either a school RPG or a dreamy adventure game. In either case, the idea is to have a poetry jam where the player has to know a poem well enough to pick the next lines at speed.

For the RPG, I think what I want here is to have the player and the opponent exchange verses; if the player fails a verse, the opponent automatically picks it up, and vice versa. The winner is whoever does it better.

I’ll post more later if this idea bears fruit, and if it doesn’t, I won’t!